We make the “Nabe” a culture of Kyoto.

We want customers to enjoy their food.
When I imagined that, I was inspired by “Nabe”.
What happens if Yamagishi makes a “Nabe”
that can be enjoyed at home without any concern?
Carefully selected materials, skilled skills, warm Omotenashi.
People in Kyoto eat hot “Nabe” for important people and important days.
We will deliver a food experience that will warm your body and soul,
with the aim of turning “Nabe” created by Yamakishi into a food culture in Kyoto.

You can taste Yamagishi dishes at home.

At Nijo Yamagishi, we have prepared dishes
that were loved by Tominokoji Yamagishi for souvenirs.
Yamagishi cuisine is carefully prepared by craftsmen
one by one in the store.
Please use for gifts and souvenirs.

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